Crummy Crazy Coronavirus
No Pal Days
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“Crummy Crazy Coronavirus No Pal Days” tells a story of two girls’ passage from discontent to fulfilment. Patricia and Grace are thrilled when a duck appears at their front door. They now have a suitable COVID-19 friend, but they soon learn that even a duck’s friendship is complicated during a pandemic. The many thought-provoking events in this book stimulate the imagination, not only for children, but adults as well. This book addresses today’s transition into a new reality and offers a blueprint for tomorrow.  If you are a believer in personal growth this book inspires it. “Crummy Crazy Coronavirus No Pal Days” is an historical read for children. It will touch their lives today and their lives tomorrow. The book will assist and inspire today’s children to share their COVID -19 experience with their children and grandchildren.  

The Motor City and Me
Our Story

“The Motor City and Me: Our Story” highlights the rich history of Detroit and how the Motor City has left a lasting impact on one woman’s life. Primarily following McMahon’s life and experiences in Detroit, “The Motor City and Me: Our Story” tells her journey from growing up as a young girl in the city and graduating from the University of Detroit to the beginning her adult life and eventually moving away. McMahon parallels the rise and fall of Detroit with the ups and downs of her own life and shows readers how Detroit values strengthened and reassured her throughout difficult times. Tracing her family lineage through four generations, McMahon aims to give readers a thorough look at the city. McMahon says, “I want to provide an example of how over time, an ordinary life becomes a glimpse of history and is priceless for future generations.”

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Patsy, Perseverance,
and Peace

“Patsy, Perseverance, and Peace” goes beyond being a memoir. It ponders the extent of one’s originality and discusses the degree in which both family and environment shape one’s life.   McMahon’s book’s underlying theme is the importance of examining both one’s joyful and challenging influences and then utilizing that recognition to find a full and meaningful life.  Mary Anne McMahon never met her sister, Patsy, but she has felt the essence of her sister’s life every day. Patsy passed away at age six, a year before McMahon’s birth. Despite such loss McMahon’s mother often told her. “That the best thing one can have at the end of one’s life is peace.”  Those words shaped her life and inspired this book.